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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Honey Harvest

Photos by my son, Tom.

Took 65lbs off three hives. Not brilliant, but better than last year. We spun 47 frames- but some had crystalised a bit, so we didn't get the full yield. That's the problem with waiting until August to take the year's harvest.

Only one of the hives had a good year. It did two and a half supers.

The second was halted in May by going queenless - then got destroyed by wasps (see other posts). But it had done a super and half by then.

The third was the hive that started in May (?) as a swarm from friend's garden (see previous posts) - so taking a full super from that was a really good result.


  1. awesome yields and beautiful pix from Tom!

  2. Great pictures, I wish I had some honey to be able to take those sorts of photos. Lovely stuff.

    Best wishes


  3. James, I visited your excellent blog, but couldn't leave a comment. I wanted to recommend that you looked at polyhives.



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