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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bee hives on Greek Island of Naxos

There are 4,000 hives on the island.

Here are just a few.

What I like is the painting on the front.  Bees navigate by sight and so if all 100 hives are identical and close to one another, there can be a lot of "drifting" - that it, bees going back to the wrong hive.

Not sure of the implications, but obviously any disease will spread more rapidly and I think it might encourage robbing.  Perhaps some of my Greek followers can help.

Honey from these hive will be mainly from sage, thyme and other flowers that can survive the semi-arid conditions.  It is wonderfully aromatic - and perfect for adding to Greek yoghurt for breakfast.


  1. That's amazing how they paint the hives with those patterns. I've recently wrote about my trip to a Sicilian apiary on my blog - they have multicoloured hives! Are you based in Greece?

  2. Hi, please have a look at my friend's bee blog here: We've all been encouraging her to blog about her beekeeping antics, and she needs some followers to inspire her!


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