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Friday, 9 January 2009

Honey Show at Lackham

This is my first attempt to post photos.

Lackham College is the local agricultural college - and home of the beekeepers apiary.

We have an annual family day and show off our wares.

Here John is putting a badge on an interested you ng visitor.

And second, John opening the demonstration hives to show the visitors what a frame of bees looks like.


  1. I've found some old fashioned weather lore today:

    If the bees stay at home,
    Rain will come.
    If they fly away,
    Fine will be the day.

    I'm assuming this only applies in the summer.

    We have rosemary and teucrium out at the moment ready for the next warm (ahem!) day for the odd bee that'll venture out

  2. Rosemary? I must go and look at mine. I haven't got in the habit of looking for bee-fodder yet.

    The weather lore sounds sensible!


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