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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

30lbs of honey

Pounds? Imperial measures?! My loyal readers will both be thinking "Wasn't it kilos last harvest? Editiorial standards are slipping at Pickwick Towers."

But I have bought 128 half-pound (OK, 226g) jars from the Bristol Bottle Company in Keynsham (that's K-E-Y-N .... for older readers) for 21.5p each.

I used 60 of them. Do the arithmetic yourself if you're that pedantic. It's hard enough extracting and bottling and then writing the blog. Get a grip, dear reader!

First photo shows some of the 60 bottles. Actually the one in the foreground looks like the waxy end of the barrel scrapings.

The second photo shows the real deal - clear with a slight green tinge - which might or might not be the green in the glass.

Third photo is of a still-wet frame after being spun. I'll be putting these back in the hives this afternoon for the bees to tidy up.

Final photo is of the inside of my new honey extractor, being cleaned out by the bees, who will take the honey back to their hives. I hope most of these bees are mine.

And the occasional damn wasp.

This beautiful piece of stainless steel equipment was bought on ebay from a very nice man in Amesbury for £168.

So the accounting to date is: equipment bought, about £1000. Time invested, many hours. Payback, 60@£2 = £120. Don't go into beekeeping to get rich.

The local honey show at Lackham is on soon. Shall I enter my best jar into "Best Newcomer" competition?


  1. Yeah, the finances are not especially pretty for comercial beekeeping - my keeping is purely for the fun of it. I calculated I've shelled out about £800 so far (2 hives, kit, extractor) and that it'll take 167 jars to cover my costs, pricing my time at zero. Has been well worth it, though, even though I've only taken 12 pounds of the golden stuff in this, my first, year.

    Go go for the honey show!

  2. That's a wonderful harvest, well done. I agree with you about the maths though. Not pretty when you start adding it all up. However, if you factor in for example four hours of extracting "entertainment" for (in my case) four people you can probably knock off another few pounds. I mean, think how much it costs to go to a movie or a National Trust visit - they just don't compare with the joy of honey extracting!

  3. You're right Kenzie and UTGP, I'mm really doing it for the pure enjoyment. And I love every minute.



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