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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Nuc Box made out of correx, duct tape and timber

Note the handsome and functional feet to keep it dry and the three entrance/exit holes at the front.

The Correx is magical, lightweight stuff. Can be cut with a Stanley knife and bent at 90 degrees without breaking. It glues to wood using a contact adhesive.

Note the lid hinged with duct tape and the retractable ventilation panel - which can be retracted to put a packet of fondant on top.

The lid, shown here open, is a sandwich of correx and polycarbonate sheet from Wickes. One frame shown (holds four).

Note staples in side - not its best feature, but correx seems of with it. I though it might split.

Cost all up - about £10 (€11 and rising!). Tools required: craft knife, saw, drill, steel measure.

Benefits: light, cheap, dark inside, dry.


  1. Verrry nice! Clever and thrifty!
    With your latest swarm, how many hives do you now care for?

  2. Hello Joan, thanks for the compliment :-)

    I have three hives, plus the swarm in the nuc that is going to friend Emma next week.

    I have a double brood box on one hive so that I can split it to make up my earlier loss - and I have some bees on order.

  3. Hi - that's brilliant. Do the bees like it?

  4. UTGP - no bee residents yet, so I don't know whether they will like it.

    Don't see why not - it's dark and warm.

    And correx is used to deliver bees by post.


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