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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Colony status at 29 June

Now have got eight colonies on the go - shared with friend E.

1 x topbar
- looking good - new swarm in June.

1 x commercial from swarm last year
- swarmed while I was away in India - but were very confusing
- has unhinged queen cell but no eggs, so suspect a virgin queen awaiting mating.

1 x commercial from swarm while I was away
- they just moved into an broodbox full of empty frames
- awaiting a move to out apiary because they are right outside my back door
- blighters stung me just because I was sawing close by

1 x WBC in garden, last year's queen
- 10 frames of brood
- looks set to do well this year

2 x WBC at out apiary
- one has new queen
- patchy brood
- not sure if the queen is a good 'un
- one was queenless until E put a queen cell in from beesoc (came from a very gentle hive, so I hope it works)

1 x polyhive
- new queen in last month
- doing well

1 x national
- swarm taken on a duvet cover (see previous post)
- now in local town awaiting return to Pickwick Towers.

But a lot of money spent on kit to get this far and not a lot of return.


  1. Overall I'd say things sound like they are going well for you! You still have healthy colonies and they are growing/increasing to swarm! That's a positive (as long as you can catch your swarms)! And you are helping the overall bee world to survive.

    I lost my Q a few weeks ago, but a check a few days ago shows they made their own, and she's now laying all is well again! Whew!

    If you want to read a funny story about swarms, I invite you to read my last post. May give you a chuckle.

  2. Joan, I have read your article. A good outcome, but a difficult journey. Well done for keeping your cool. Steve


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