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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Busy bees and yellow pollen

Yes, I know, pollen is often yellow, but this is bright yellow. I think it is daffodil, or perhaps Forsythia (sp?).

Both out-hives, a mile from home and a couple of miles apart, are bringing it in.

It's a lovely sunny day, but quite cool at about 11-12 c.

They are munching their way though the apifonda - especially the aggressive lot in the field.

All three colonies are doing well. Which one to raise queens from, that is now the question? Certainly not the aggressive ones. We will see. More to follow on this subject.


  1. I just love seeing them come into the hive with boat loads of pollen on their legs...makes them look like they are waddling.

  2. The pollen stimulates the queen to start laying, apparently.


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