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Monday, 18 April 2011

First try at queen rearing

Here are the apideas that I bought last year. They are Swienty brand - and there are many others. Reading the reviews, I think perhaps Swienty are not the best.

This first photo shows the mini-frame with the foundation strip, held in place by molten wax applied to the edges.

The second photo shows the feed chamber, loaded with Apifonda (bee candy) with a piece of balsa wood on top for bees to stand on rather than fall in and get stuck. Note the queen excluder on the upper right - to stop the Queen getting stuck in the apifonda.

Third photo is of the painted nucs. Each a different colour. Should be a green one, rather than two shades of blue, but I didn't have that paint in the shed. Note the entrance on the middle nuc is open.

Final photo is of the nucs in position. I stocked each one with 300gm of bees (well, OK, a scoopful) and a queen cell from friend Emma's gentle bees. She had eight QCs to deal with. So one of these queens (if successful) will go back to her.


  1. apideas = the box you're putting the queen into?

  2. VP: yes. It's a pseudo-generic term like "hoover".

    There are other mini-nucs from other manufacturers, but they are often all referred to as Apideas.

  3. hey! please tell me, in the 3th photo you have a queen excluder on the blue and gray mininucs to spot the queen from getting out? how many frames are in the mininucs and what tipy of paint did you use? thx a lot! best regards, Bogdan, from Romania.

  4. hey! please tell me if in the 3th photo it's a queen excluder on the entering to stop the queen from getting out? and also, what type of paint had you used. thx. Best regards, Bogdan, from Romania.


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