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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Colony now queenless

Disaster. Something I did (maybe) has killed the queen. I marked her two weeks ago. One week ago I split off a nucleus - which was succesful ( I went to see it yesterday at my friend D's).

But my colony now has no queen. The queen I marked is nowhere to be seen.

There are no eggs in the cells - further evidence.

But one of the swarm cells (see last week's entry) has been vacated - so I may have a virgin queen in there. So opening the hive was the last thing I should have done (had I known). Virgin queens are easy to upset.

I must cross my fingers and hope that either the virgin queen is OK, goes off to mate, and comes back and starts laying, or one of the other queen cells yields a new queen.

So I must wait another two weeks before opening the hive.

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