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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Modifications to the topbar hive

The topbar hive now has a galvanised steel mesh at its base. In a previous entry I shows the plastic mesh that I had fixed, before I found out that there was a badger in the garden.

This is standard mesh that is used to make varroa screen floors. In case you missed it - the reason for this is that the mite will fall off the bee and through the floor, never to return.

Bees can regulate the temperature in their colonies very closely by building comb in clever configurations. But in the summer months, an open floor is fine.

These are the entrance/exits. There are six pairs of holes so that I can keep one, two or three separate colonies in the same hive (well, in theory). The holes are corked when not in use.

OK, so don't examine the workmanship too carefully. I drive a desk in real life, not a workshop. My new staple gun gets a lot of use.

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