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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Feedbee? Bah!

About a month ago I put some Feedbee into all four hives. Two had it as a syrup and two as a slush on the top bars.  In neither case would the bees touch it.

Photo below shows the dried up remains of the slushy version.

Anyone else had any experience of it?  Some people swear by it.


  1. Indeed it looks like a mess...what is it, syrup feed or pollen feed? I just make basic 1:1 syrup feed if I need to feed in spring and for pollen I use pollen patties from Mann Lake.

  2. It's 1:1 syrup with Feedbee added until it's the consistency of whipped cream, then put on a piece of paper.

    Yes, it looks a mess, the it's made to the spec on the packet.

    The pollen patties are real pollen are they?

  3. Not completely all pollen but a mixture of proteins, amino acids, pollens and I thought brewers yeast. and both carry pollen patties but are not free with the ingredients lists. Also We can buy it in powder form too but patties are easy to slip in on nasty spring days when they need it and you don't want to open the hive completely. I've never had a problem with them not eating it. If you can get an idea of ingredients from the websites you may be able to find something comparable in the UK.

    Another thing I think is really important (I keep my bees organically ) is Honey-B-Healthy. It is liquid essential oils of plants and I've used it every year, spring feed only. I do believe in it. It may be available in UK? Or something similar?


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