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Saturday, 10 April 2010

What to do with this sugary mess?

The photo below shows a mess of unused stores from the winter. It's a mixture of ivy honey and fondant.

It looks like they have cleared out the cells ready for the queen to lay in them.

So I don't want to junk the frame.  But they will never clear all that grot, which reduces the capacity of the brood box.

Dunno what to do. I don't have the experience.  Sigh. Another few decades should do it.

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  1. I believe they will clean up the frames. They are going through alot of honey now to raise brood, so they'll probably use it. Do put a few fresh frames of foundation (3) each year to keep a clean rotation. They'll use those honey stores to make more wax to draw foundation out. I wouldn't worry about it. I only have 3 years experience, but know the bees know what they need and will do it. So you have access to an experiences bee 'mentor'?

    My previous comment on the pollen patty...sorry I forgot you were in the UK so probably don't have access to Mann Lake, a US beekeeping supplier.


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