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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Woodpecker damage

Just noticed this on my commercial hive that is in a field in the middle of nowhere.

What a nuisance!  Will have to invest in some chicken wire before it gets any worse.


  1. was it trying to nest or feed do you think? Feed presumably?

    Sorry to hear about your bees' demise :(

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Just wondering if that Icelandic ash is affecting you and randomly wondering how it might affect the life of bees.

  3. VP: nest or feed? Don't know. Feed, I expect. Thanks for commiserations on dead colony.

    Joan: only effect that we notice is the lack of aircraft trails in the sky! Affect bees? Can't see how really. I haven't noticed any ash (yet).

  4. I was just wondering if you get a heavy ash fall on plants they are collecting pollen from, what would that do to them? Just musing really...glad you're not getting smothered. Years ago one of our volcanos erupted and made a huge mess in the line of drift. Just alot of gritty dust for us, but scratched up the auto paint and cause breathing problems for some.

  5. We are a long way from Iceland. A lot of sea in between. Apparently the ash is now descending from high (aircraft) altitudes - so maybe we'll see some of it soon.

    How exciting to be near a real volcano! I wish we had one closer to hand. Italy and Iceland are the nearest active ones (I think).

  6. Exciting yes...but tragic too...I forgot to mention that several people died that day...May 18, 1980when Mt St Helens blew...several hikers who ignored the warning and an elderly man who knew the risk but wouldn't leave his mtn home. The west coast of US has the Cascade mtn range which has 2 active volcanos in Washington...Mt Rainier only 2 hrs drive from my home and Mt St Helens about the same distance. The ash was horrific and smothering for those caught in it's wake. Interstate highway was closed for NO a pea-soup plowed into each other...the ash was so thick in places it looked like a foot of snow...hence my concerns...glad it's not so bad for you. Can you imagine what that could do for bee foraging?


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